Eating Promises Like Seeds

Eating Promises Like Seeds and Expecting Them to Grow

Detail, from bottom

60″ x 40″ acrylic on mixed media
sami Peterson 2018

One year has lapsed since the work’s beginning, which is of course also an end. Paper forcefully tangled one January ago has become heavy with paint. Evidence of these initial movements hang like ghosts. These structures at times break the lines of the subject, while the subject seeks to organize or comprehend the chaotic topography.

(this) is what it takes
1 year ago I bought my paints

I have learned a great deal about surface area, and its relationship with time. The viewer’s angle and changing daylight from, say, an available window will generate an unapproachable number of permutations of form, color, shadow. I think this creates unease, a sense that one is constantly losing as much as one is looking.

Not for sale (until seen by its inspiration).



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