I am in the process of discovering my unified illustration style. Illustration allows me another way to quickly get my images into the world (and, through printing, into homes). I have been drawing since I was two, and I’ve been drawing Nudie Doodlies since 2017.

Early Nudie Doodlie, 2018, pen and marker on paper

The cartoonish face gives privacy to my figures. Their expressions have become increasingly vacant, inviting the viewer to superimpose intent.

I explore the tension I feel as an illustrator — the power to contort and control my subject versus the desire to capture realness from reference. Inner versus outer reality is a common theme in all of my work.

Everlasting Banana, 2020, digital drawing and photo collage

I have also been exploring humor as relief.

My goal is to represent nudes as non-sexually as possible, without erasing the inherent sexuality of the subjects.

I invite viewers to investigate why and how the figures got themselves into their twisted poses.

The future of my style is in transition. My notes on style read,

It’s literally all noodles.

Noodles perform well in focus groups. And.

Brain food IS noodles.

Skull noodles. Art noodles.

Noodie doodlies become noodle doodles.

Tangled Paper…

Tangled Pasta.

Spaghetti for the cerebellum.

I’m excited by one possibility, which features Tangled Lines.

Haworthia Peepshow, 2020 – digital illustration

My goal is to unify my illustration style with Tangled Paper. However, I am open to the process.

I’ve also explored art challenges such as Drawlloween and Still Here Still Life.

You can best view my illustrations on my Instagram account.

View Sami Peterson Instagram


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