Tangled Paper

I’ve wanted to share the fictionalized origin story of Tangled Paper for some time, but today I will start with the truth. In the summer of 2016 I was asked to create an installation in the main compartment of a refrigerator. I chose to layer and twist recycled brown paper packaging, coating it in moody colors of spray paint. It was my first…

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I am in the process of discovering my unified illustration style. Illustration allows me another way to quickly get my images into the world (and, through printing, into homes). I have been drawing since I was two, and I’ve been drawing Nudie Doodlies since 2017.

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About Sami Peterson

I still really appreciate using story to interact with emotion and human truths. I think a lot about the communication point between art and our interpretations of it. When I studied at UCSD, where I received a BA with honors, I was really interested in interface design, or the interaction between people and technology, and how it borrows from the arts.

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