23″ x 26″
sami Peterson 2018

Commissioned. An exploration of shapes, color, and texture based on Google Earth satellite imagery of Corinne.

Progress 1 (Broken Flower Vase)

A detail from current studio work in progress. I am thinking about the intersection of ugly and pretty. Is this a juxtaposition that lifts prettiness by comparison, or is the ugly loaned qualities of pretty? Too often I see interpretations of ugliness as an infection of its surroundings, overshadowing or overcoming adjacent visual narratives. Instead…

Progress 13, 14, 15, 16 (Eating Promises)

Today, I wrote a letter to your best friend instead of to you March 10, 2017 Lies we tell ourselves March 22, 2017 I will you to disappear from my broken reflection April 19, 2017 painted husk rolling out before me like so many hills rains and their bows overflowing canyons with color I never…

Progress 12 (Eating Promises)

3 years ago, today you mailed an envelope containing 1 Buddha statue encased in clay. “Without the crack, you never would have known the gold was there.” Kintsugi, I evoke, and say, my clay is broken. Who will fill my fault lines with gold?

Progress 11 (Eating Promises)

Numbness like this isn’t the feeling of nothing. It is every color painted on a silent and motionless wave peaceful in its cacophony.