12″ x 13″
sami Peterson 2020

The flesh of citrus fruits is divided into segments, further divided into small blisters of juice – the vesicles…


23″ x 26″
sami Peterson 2018

Commissioned. An exploration of shapes, color, and texture based on Google Earth satellite imagery of Corinne.

Progress 1 (Broken Flower Vase)

A detail from current studio work in progress. I am thinking about the intersection of ugly and pretty. Is this a juxtaposition that lifts prettiness by comparison, or is the ugly loaned qualities of pretty? Too often I see interpretations of ugliness as an infection of its surroundings, overshadowing or overcoming adjacent visual narratives. Instead…

Progress 13, 14, 15, 16 (Eating Promises)

Today, I wrote a letter to your best friend instead of to you March 10, 2017 Lies we tell ourselves March 22, 2017 I will you to disappear from my broken reflection April 19, 2017 painted husk rolling out before me like so many hills rains and their bows overflowing canyons with color I never…

Progress 12 (Eating Promises)

3 years ago, today you mailed an envelope containing 1 Buddha statue encased in clay. “Without the crack, you never would have known the gold was there.” Kintsugi, I evoke, and say, my clay is broken. Who will fill my fault lines with gold?