Welcome to Tangled Paper Ideas @ Pixel Pop Up

Hello! Welcome to my booth.

So, quick story. I went to see how much it would cost to ship some of my work to you lovelies…

I actually already found a much better deal (in the $250-$350 range).

But, I’m thinking, the best thing to do if you want some Tangled Paper is commission a new piece from me!

We can make it small enough to fit in a USPS flat rate box ($16-21 to ship), doesn’t that sound better? And if you need to cover a lot of wall, we can do a few pieces arranged together. It’ll look friggin’ sweet.

But if you fall in love with any of my large pieces, please talk to me at the “register” and we can see the best way to get it to you ❤

And if you want a tiny art like the friends floating around my head, it’s $22, shipping included.

Anyway, find me in my booth if you have any questions!